Dylan highill

Sheriff in Indion, favors the greatsword.


A faithful follower to St.Cuthbert, and a strong man, always walking around in his fullplate and with his sword within arms reach. Dylan has done much to increase the weight of the Cuthbertian church in Indion and is proud to have the high cleric as judge and executioner.

Dylan has a strong dislike to any of the savage species, and is known to do anything legally in his power to ensure that such creatures breaking the law are brought down on the spot.


Dylan walked into Indion ten years ago (Y986), wearing only a loincloth. He also had his sword in his hands and a great symbol of St.Cuthbert cut into his torso. Dylan has little to no memory of his days before that.

First Dylan worked to afford getting his memory back by working for the guard, the Cuthbertian church and the local tavern. After a few years, when he almost had enough money, he for some reason changed his mind, deciding to further aid justice and order instead of following his own selfish goals.

Five years ago (Y991), he replaced the last sheriff, a Half-orc named Grym. This was due to an incident where Grym was found guilty as a serial killer and locked away for life.

Dylan highill

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