Crossguard, once the main means of transporting trough the colonies of the islands, now a small town featuring some eccentric fishermen and the services around them.

Lodging and such

There are two main ways of getting lodging in Crossguard, both have been tailored to a fisherman’s needs and are in their own ways perfectly depraved:

The Drunken merchant

Run by two bartenders who both are depraved, this place features an excellent meal of pork on some days, or a random dish on others. The Inn is actually run by a pair of deranged bartenders who long ago agreed with each other to take one day each in turn. One of them, a Half-Orc, serves among other things, whole roasted pig to customers, and is a very social character, desperate for feedback and acceptance from his common man. The other, a Dwarf, is the more normal of them, although he is denying that the Half-Orc shows up more than once a year, and is convinced that he is the only real owner of the inn.

The drunken fish

This Inn is based more around the interesting concept of a fish getting drunk than catering to guests. This has made the crowd in the inn more self entertained than the average man, gambling, betting, fighting or prostituting by their own rules. Though on Sundays, the bar runs wild as the fish that is usually in the tank of spirits the whole week is pulled out and roasted, the booze it has resided in as a side for the delicious dish. On Mondays the whole cycle start again, with the biggest fish from the last week being put into the tub of booze.


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