Empire of The Twenty

This Empire is one of the oldest empires on Taruk, starting out as an alliance between wealthy merchants against many of the armies in the god war, it stood the test of crisis. Fending of the particularly fierce savage races, this empire after a while made a functioning society, placing the people contributing most economically on the top, now there are a number of “noble” titles to attain, based on your wealth, and certain privileges and duties bound to them.

the titles

Ranging from top of the ladder to the bottom the titles are:

  1. King

  2. Prince

  3. Lord

  4. Oscar

  5. Baron

  6. Duke

  7. Mayor

  8. Manager

  9. Spokesman

  10. Village leader


Slavery is one of the most discussed political themes in the empire, are anyone born with the right to be free or is this what has to be earned? The current stance on slavery is that it is legal within certain limits, the most common way to become a slave is to work up a debt, then be unable to pay it, law then dictates that the person owing money is the property of the money that is owed money until that debt is paid.

Slavery is set by law to not be transferable to anyone else without their or their parents approval.

Certain laws protect slaves from abuse: A slave shall not be forced to do work he or she is physically unable to do; A slave shall not be beaten or physically damaged as a result of the owners choices or actions; A slave shall not receive less than the minimum pay for the job She is set to do and an owner may not engage in intercourse with the slave without a sum being deducted from the money owed.

Empire of The Twenty

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