god war

The god war

The god war, a sad chapter in the tale of Taruk. In year -255 it erupted with an assault by Erythnul on Moradin followers, and developed from there involving most of the sentient creatures on the face of Taruk. By the end, January 1. year 0 thirty civilizations, and seventy races had been wiped from the face of the world, leaving about a tenth of the population (pre god war) to rebuild their societies.


pre war tension

the eruption

the run of the war

results of the war

First of all, there was the changes for the gods that shook the pillars of the world. The once almighty creator, Moradin was demoted for breaking the moral code of the gods, only allowing a certain degree of interference to the mortal world, his title was changed to God of the Dwarfs and their creations.

neutral parties

god war

Empire of the twenty orod