Population: 3429 (December 25. Y996)

Power centers: Duke Crest

Sheriff: Dylan highill

Town guard: 34

Militia: 171

Mentionable people: Grizzkz, Sir Coinwell

Indion, a bustling trade city, located on one of the many islands of the Empire of The Twenty. This city is a hub for the imports and exports between the islands, and the mainland, this is also one of the places on the face of Taruk that went trough the god war, with the only related casualty a nobleman, assassinated from within own ranks.


The lodging Indion offers is not what one would call variable, as all three inns are owned by the same man: Sir Coinwell, the second wealthiest man in Indion. These inns all share some characteristics, although they are all made for different classes of people. The Three inns are:

Coinwell’s Finest

The waterhole of the elite, a place with the budget to hire its own door-guard, and a reason for it too. This place only lets in only those who own more property than a house in Indion and is recognized for it. Here one can find the most exotic of wares within nourishment and vitalizing goods. The place also entertains a small number of rental slaves, that the customer with the right coin may use as they wish.

Coinwell’s Furnishing

Any man with coins to spare and a more or less neutral reputation is welcome to stay at this inn, featuring a wide variety of different rooms, each with their own theme. The drink here is just what you pay for, not the finest of wares, but everything fresh from the docks. The place also sells some exclusive goods for merchants and adventurer alike, like potions and useful trinkets.

Coinwell’s For all

Placed in the slums this is a place that reeks of strong alcohol and cheap perfume, all those who wish for a drink or just needs a place to sleep can find room here, and prices can be flexible enough to fit anyones pockets. This place is known for its sludge, made from whatever happens to be passed this low, and served with no greater joy than it is ingested. Slaves can be found here as well, the four wenches working here are all in debt to Coinwell personally, and have to pay him back in form of whatever tip they can muster to earn from the poor people going there. This place is known for the broken spirits of the wenches, and their willingness to do anything for the right coin.

Calling Upon Higher Judgment

For the last three years, Indion has used “Calling Upon Higher Judgment” as a term for death penalty, this was a punishment Proposed by Sheriff Dylan, and supported by the Cuthbertian church. The use of this punishment is only in severe cases, like murder, repeated severe crimes or threats against the city. City guards and Official Cuthbertian clerics are the ones with authority to utilize this punishment. The right to Call Upon Higher Judgment can also be officially given to anyone by Duke Crest, the maximum temporary allowance for this permit is one week, and one can not get it for another year after that.


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